This portal is designed to provide information to parents that may be helpful in supporting their child's educational need. All websites are DOE approved and can be found on the DOE website:

Helpful Websites

NY State Education Department:

NYC Department of Education:

Lunch Forms:

Paying for lunch:

Community Based Organizations and Programs:

Learning About High School Enrollment: —click on “Students”


New York Public Library—

Queens Public Library—

Cyber Safety Resources for Parents

New York City Department of Education

New York City Department of Education includes information as academics, facilities, offices and programs, rules and policies, and student support for parents.  Please visit

Discipline Code - Rules & Policies - New York City Department of ...

New York City Department of Educations Rules & Policies > Discipline Code. Schools in the Community; Offices & Programs; ... Discipline Code...

Chancellors Regulations - Rules & Policies - New York City ...

... The Regulations listed on this Web site are the only New York City Department of
Education Chancellor's Regulations currently in effect. - 59k - Cached

New York State Education Department: Regents Examinations

Offers downloadable copies of past Regents Exams, score keys, and more for prep and review purposes. 

Regents Exam Prep Center

Online learning center that helps high school students prepare for the New York State Regents Exams.

NYSED Examination Schedules

NYS Education Department, Albany New York ... General Education & Regents Diploma Requirements/Exams/ Tests/Assessments ... Level Testing Schedule (PDF, 66kb) ...  - Cached

FastWeb : Scholarships, Financial Aid, Student Loans and Colleges

Find college financial aid, conduct a scholarship search with our scholarship search engine, and get the money you need to pay for college at FastWeb.

Teaching Safe Use of the Internet

Children can be taught to use the Internet safely through a series of lessons. Two sites

offer cyber-safety lessons for free:

This site offers a cyber-safety curriculum, lesson plans, and resources.   This site is a free project with materials offered by the US Department of Justice


School Transportation:

The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) determines eligibility for yellow school bus service. If you are new to our school, it may take a few weeks for transportation accommodations to be finalized. If you have further concerns regarding your child’s transportation to and from school, please call the Office of Pupil Transportation

(OPT) at 718 784-3313 or 718 392-8855.

Lunch Applications & Eligibility:

The federal government mandates all New York City families with children attending a public school complete and submit only one form for all registered students attending the same school. The form determines a student’s eligibility for free lunch. All public school households must conform to this statutory and regulatory federal requirement. Failure to do so may result in the loss of millions of dollars to the Department of Education in the school meals programs and in other federal programs as well. Children are determined to be eligible for free meals through these programs based upon

(1) a computer match with public assistance/food stamp files; or

(2) household income provided by parent or guardian on SD1041 form; or

(3) valid public assistance/food stamp case number provided by the parent or guardian, or

(4) valid direct certification letter.

Eligibility may be determined based on the computer matching process OR household income as provided by the parent/guardian OR based on a valid Food Stamp or ADC/TANF case number as provided by the  arent/guardian OR valid direct certification letter. The free and reduced price school lunch applications are available online by logging on to

If your household does not qualify for free or reduced lunch you are eligible to purchase and keep track of your child’s lunch payments online. Prepayments can be made online using, a service to prepay for your child’s school lunch and a la carte food items using your debit or credit card.

How Do I Enroll?

 Go to  and click

ENROLL NOW or call 800-479-3531.

Your child’s District ID number is their OSIS number. This can be found on their  Student ID.

We suggest that you select the Smart Pay option. With our recurring payment option, money will always be in your child's account. When a low balance is reached, money is automatically deposited.


Office of School Health:

The link below contains information related to:

  •  Immunization requirements

  • Medical requirements for new entrants

  • Vision & hearing screening

  • General program services

  • Health related topics

  • Contact information

You may also visit this websites "Form" selection to download a copy of the NYC Dept. of Health Physical Fitness Form.