Welcome to the Health and Physical Education Department.

Assisitant Principal of Supervision: Barrington McCalla

The art and design Physical Education program offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of cardiovascular, strength, and team sport activities, Each term begins with students engaging in a conditioning unit with exercise testing. During this portion of each course students take a part in vigorous calisthenics, Flexibility and aerobic workouts with the goal of teaching students how to prepare their body for activity, and avoid injury. Several of these activities have a physical test component in order to give students a baseline measure for their level of fitness. Students may then use these fitness results as a motivating factor for improvement.


Athletic News


Students interested in joining the boys soccer team must complete the survey, Sports Examination, and Parental Consent Form found in the links below. 


Sports Examination Form

Parental Consent Form

Tryouts will begin on August 23 at Art and Design HS.

Please note, students athletes cannot participate in any PSAL activity without both forms completed and signed by a physician and your parent.

Feel free to email Coach McCalla at bmccall2@schools.nyc.gov if you have any questions.

Thank you.