The Film/Video program is a comprehensive studio program in which students learn the practice and theory of movie-making. Divided into six terms, students participate in the entire pre-production, production, and post-production processes. The department is well equipped, enabling all students to learn how to operate video cameras, professional lights, and boom microphones, through making short films. Students learn how to use professional scriptwriting software, create storyboards and shot lists, edit the footage they shoot using industry-standard non-linear editing software, and output their films onto DVD. In their final term, students focus on a substantial piece that is developed, produced, and edited over the final term. The film department puts on a film festival at the conclusion of each term, showcasing their best of the student made films.

Gregory Navarro wins $8,000 for his short film from ABC/Disney's Get Reel With Your Dreams

Sophomores in our Film/Video program win $17,000 in 2014 ABC/Disney Get Reel With Your Dreams Competition!

1st Prize ($12,000): "Don't Judge a Book by its Color" by Tim Chachibaia, Jialun (Allen) Jiang, Jasmin Hall, Ashley Debbagh, Caleb Giles

3rd Prize ($5,000): "PSA Against Human Trafficking" by Priscilla Suarez