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The fashion industry is an ever expanding and innovative business. The A&D Fashion program allows students to develop and practice the design and technical skills necessary to be competitive designers. Students will develop intermediate skills in illustration, garment construction, computer aided design, textile design, product marketing and global production. Moving from a 2-dimensional design to a 3-dimensional realized unique vision, will allow students to develop critical thinking through the creative process. This program will expose students to the expansive career opportunities in the fashion world. Upon completion of the program students will have a competitive portfolio for college applications.

Fashion Department News:

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The Senior fashion students just visited the showroom on 7th Avenue of MAVI JEANS. This premium denim brand invited the students to view an e-commerce photo shoot with the photographer, fashion stylist, US marketing director, Canadian marketing director and model. Our HSAD fashion students are beginning a unit on FASHION STYLING and understanding the roll of a fashion stylist for editorial, advertising, commercial and e-commerce or catalogue. This field trip was an opportunity for our students to observer various careers in the fashion industry. Thank you Cliff Hoppus, fashion stylist for helping our students!

Fashion Trip: LIM College, Where Business Meets Fashion

11th Grade Fashion: Class Trip Destination: Children's Club

The Friends of Art & Design coordinated a fabulous and experiential visit to Bloomingdale's on 59th Street and Lexington Avenue yesterday. Fashion teacher, Mr. Osborne, led the 11th Grade Fashion students to a tour given by the VP of Operations and the Visual Merchandising Director. Wow! What a treat! The highlights of discussion and display were topics including consistency of message, plannagrams, what is a visual directives book, scents as merchandising, y.e.s. dept, LAB dept., Tstand vs. ballet bar, DKNY and Calvin Klein launched at Bloomies, new brand Clover Canyon, Canada Goose best seller, & how the luggage dept transforming to Christmas dept.

This visit inspired the design students of other careers in the apparel business: visual merchandiser, apparel operation manager, & buyers. 

Senior Fashion Students Visit the Albright Fashion Library

Mr. Osborne's A&D senior fashion class is currently working on a unit focused on Fashion Styling where students are practicing hands on IMAGE CONSULTING & MAKE OVERS, FASHION EDITORIAL STYLING & COLLABORATION WITH A FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER. As part of this experience the stylists visited the alluring Albright Fashion Library where the latest Paris collections are housed with the most fabulous past season's collections.  The pieces are available for rental for fashion stylists, magazines, advertising creative and red carpet celebrities.

The Fashion students at A&D are exposed to a variety of careers in the fashion industry.

Senior Field Trip for Costume Design Unit. We visited the costume house of Eric Winterling where they make costumes for Broadway, Film, Disney on Ice and The Rockettes Christmas Show. We later went swatching for our Costume Design project at Mood Fabrics.