Brooklyn and Queens

A-L: Saturday, November 22

M-Z: Saturday, December 13

Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island

A-L: Saturday, November 15

M-Z: Saturday, November 8

Sabbath Observers and Conflict

ALL: Saturday, November 1

A-L: Sunday, November 16

M-Z: Sunday, December 7

Auditions begin at 8:30AM on Saturdays

Portfolio Guidelines: Commercial Art
Illustration, Graphic Design, Cartooning, Animation, Fashion Design, Digital Photography, Game Design
Suggestions: What you could include:
1. Drawings from observation (we always look for at least two)
2. Artwork may include the following:
  Abstract design
  Still lifes
  Landscapes or Cityscapes
  Self portrait
  Fashion designs
3. Artwork done independently
4. Artwork done in school
5. Show a variety of media
6. Your sketchbook full of ideas and interests

The best portfolios have:
1. Neatly presented artwork
2. Art from observation
3. A sketchbook
4. 8-12 artworks (variety: portfolios should have different subject matter, not only one kind of drawing)

What you should bring on the day of our audition:
1. Your portfolio
2. Latest copy of your report card and attendance record
3. Letters of recommendation (optional)
4. Sharpened pencils
5. An eraser
6. A winning attitude!

Portfolio guidelines: Architectural Design
Details: Study includes structures, space, color, form.  Focus on hand drafting, architectural design, model making and sketching, AutoCAD instruction.  Seniors complete city planning design project to address current zoning issues.  Visits to museums, professional studios; visiting professionals.  Participation in various Center for Architecture competitions.
Audition information: Portfolio with 10-12 pieces of original artwork created from observation and students' own imagination with a diversity of subject matter and use of media (look at the suggestions for commercial art).  Please include examples of line drawings as well as value studies of geometric shapes and form.  You should also include a drawing of your neighborhood and a plan of your bedroom or your apartment.  Three-dimensional pieces can be photographed.  You will be required to draw from observation and memory.

Film/Video Production: Portfolio Requirements
Details: Studio-based curriculum includes pre-production, production, and post-production.  Through hands-on filmmaking, students learn film theory, film analysis, scriptwriting, editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, and gain industry-based technical and theoretical knowledge.  Students have access to state of the art equipment.  Participation in contests, film festivals; visiting artist and professionals.
Audition information: Portfolio including: 
1. Two storyboards (a minimum of ten frames each) depicting a short scene from your imagination.  The frames can be either hand-drawn or photographs that you have taken yourself).
2. Also submit a 500-word essay describing your interest in filmmaking OR a short story from your imagination.
3. Also submit a sample of any film or films you have participated in.  Films should be submitted on a USB thumb drive, in .mov or .mp4 format.  Please make sure to describe your role in the making of the film on a separate sheet of paper.  At the audition students will be given a description of a short action and will be asked to draw a storyboard on the spot.