Congratulations to Ms. Edelman for being honored as the CTE Teacher of the Year from the High School of Art & Design by the United Federation of Teachers. Ms. Edelman heads the Computer Art Technology program for the Sophomores.

Congratulations to the Following 86 Art & Design Students for Winning 145 Scholastic Art Awards for 2016! 

Celine Adorno, Manar Balh, Adrianna Brown, Carena Carrington, Shelley Chen, Tiffany Claborn, Noel Dumaguing, Cliffannie Forrester, Annarose Kelly, Cynthia Ovando, Carry Pak, Patrickson St Elien, Joshua Swaby, Xiara Torres, Tiffany Vargas, Sarah Velandria, Kalila Abdur-Razzaq, Kevin Allison, Kaitlyn Amable, Jacob Assel, Melanie Audain, Alshante Baker, Brenda Barrera, Kayla Beltran, David Bermdez, Kelsey Bitong, Henry Bohan, Niki Brisnvali-Grillakis, Jahoney Borrowes, Coya Campbell, Shannon Cardona, Diannelle Chaparro, Evelyn Chavez, Fatima Coulibaly, Nichelle Cuevas, Mannone Delgado-Lovissi, Marc Fersko, Ashley Figueroa, Miku Fukazawa, Justin Gold, Robert Gomez, Maria Gonzalez, Carter Gunthrie, Betzaleell Hernandez, Quinn Hoerner, Sharai Hornedo, Prscilla Houston, Alfredo Ibarra, Latisha Jackson, Elena Johnson, Halima Konteh, Dominik Kopiczko, Andreana Kraft, Jean Lopez, Katherine Lopez, M'Niyah Lynn, Stephannie Marcelino, Kimberly Mendez, Jean Michel, Shania Molina, Dayna Moore, Glen Mosher, Mohamed Mousa, Natalie Ordonez, Felicity Park, Fancisco Penacastro, Arlene Pernett, Jordan Revanales, Karina Rios, Maria Rios, Jailline Rodriguez, Marilyn Ruiz, Janelly Santos, Sarah Siegel, Ashley Spurrell, Omar Stefansson, Anjanisari Sudiman, Kaitlyn Torres, Julian Turovsky, Giselle Urbano, Franny Vasquez, Nina Vazquez, Alisa Velez, Amberrose Venus-Gordon, Ashley Vidal, Tobu Widjaja

Draw-A-Thon Featured in Our Town, click HERE to read the article

The senior graphic design students lead by Mr. Bencsko and Mr. Spaterella, competed in a logo design competition for the Sutton Place Park Conservancy. The students met with members from the organization and were challenged with creating a new identity for the company. The SPPC's mission is to restore, beautify and enhance the Sutton area parks. Their vision is to provide an ongoing legacy for the Parks and future generations of Park users. The winning logo design will be used for all future signage. Congrats to all of the students for their excellent work. 

Winner: Eleni Mentis, Senior Graphic Design, Bencsko

Runner Up: Tatiana Mora, Senior Graphic Design, Spaterella

The Apollo Theater did an in house workshop with sophomore, junior and senior Art and Design film students involving special effects make up, camera ready broadcasting and pitching techniques.

Art & Design Student Tiffany Vargas Awarded Grand Prize for Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Teen Portrait Competition, Out of 449 Total Entries

Click HERE to read the full article

Art & Design student Chandler Zausner is the youngest presenter on Cosplay at AAA Conference in Denver, Colorado

The fashion design students at The High School of Art & Design partnered with Pratt Center for Community Development , Made in NYC & Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator to produce a legendary fashion show in 2015.

Art & Design student Nicole Lee's Featured Graduation Speech
Read the article online HERE

Gregory Navarro wins $8,000 for his short film from ABC/Disney's Get Reel With Your Dreams

Congratulations to the Art & Design Class of 2015!

Thank you to our sponsors for helping make our 2015 Spring Arts Festival a success!

Sponsors & Advertisement Sponsors: Friends of Art & Design, Art & Design Alumni Association, Art & Design Parent Teacher Association, East Midtown Partnership, Grand Wine & Liquor, Pride Tech, Sutton Area Community, AM/PM Design & Consulting P.C., Bergin Interiors, Inc., BLICK art materials, Phillip Colleck, LTD., Friedman, P.E., Nicola's Specialty Foods, Topos Design, Inc.

Donations In-Kind Sponsors: Alex Teih, American Museum of Natural History, Barnes & Noble, Bose, Brooklyn Museum, Casmere New York, Complete Body & Spa, Citibank, Duane Reade/Walgreens, 3rd & 56th, Extraordinary, Gimme Coffee!, Harry’s Shoes, Hourglass Press, Johnny Rockets, Judith Adler, Kramer Portraits, Le Perigord, Men’s Warehouse, 50th Street, New York Jets, Oliver & Adelaide, Stamp it Up!, Sutton Place Frame Shop Inc., Tesla Motors, The Cliffs at Long Island City, Westchester Hills Golf Club, Vartali Hair Salon

Click HERE to see the artwork for auction at the Spring Arts Festival

A&D Student Artworks were selected for Viewpoints, Stories and Connections including Asia II theme, at ArtsConnection's Student Art Program exhibitions at Kekst & Company and Kylin Management LLC

Marisol Lugo and Lillian Tirado are two of only 12 artists in the Kekst & Company exhibition that were selected from over 150 submissions. Celine Adorno, Sumin Kim, Jasmine Qu and Cindy Rodriguez are four of 18 artists that were selected from 150 submissions for the Kylin Management LLC exhibition. Each student that is selected gets $100 gift card from either Blick or B&H including their teacher. Congratulations ladies and Ms. Jimenez!

3 of the 12 films featured in the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival's Our City My Story, showcasing the best short films by NYC filmmakers under the age of 21, were from the High School of Art and Design!

• Absar Mohammed won “Best Narrative” award, for The Proposal, created with Sanam Sheth, Kaitlyn Chavez, Kevin Gonzalez, and Idalis Price

• Josef Rodriguez, was finalist in the “Documentary” category for A Crash Course in Talking, created with Danylo Korotin and Akeem Louigarde,

• Kaitlyn Chavez was a finalist in the “Documentary” category for The Belly of the Beast.

Congratulations Aaliyah Rodriguez for winning the Public Vote for the Directory of NYC Public High Schools Cover Contest!

6 out of the 15 finalists this year were Art & Design students.  Congratulations to Eleni Mentis, Aaliyah Rodriguez, Eric Reyes, Dirmawan Luawo, Oheine Porter, & Milan Chambard and their teachers Ms. Heckel, Ms. Edelman-Lee, Mr. Bencsko, & Mr. Spaterella!

Art & Design's Third Draw-A-Thon is a Success!

Sophomore Ariella Patchen shares her article:
The Draw-A-Thon:
            The room was quiet and not a sound was heard besides that of pencils and paintbrushes flying against paper and canvas. Artists lined the room and concentrated on only the models in front of them. On Saturday, March 15th the annual Draw-A-Thon was held in the High School of Art and Design cafeteria and gym. The purpose of this event? To unite the artistic community of New York. This event was open to not only the students, but whoever had a passion to paint and had a free moment to spare. Fortunately for me, I was able to catch a few words with some of the crowd. The people I interviewed differed from the models to the alumni of 1982 to future students.
The Atmosphere:
            I could not have been the only one who noticed it,the unmentioned levels of concentration in the air. I was not the only one who felt this way. Jeff, a 10th grade cartooning major stated that the ambience was filled “with concentration and determination.” A group of incoming freshman mentioned to me that the environment was “friendly, welcoming and fantasy like.” These soon to be freshmen felt like they were learning at the center of the Art World”, here in Midtown Manhattan. I also talked with Leenah, a 10th grade Animation major here at Art and Design. Leenah mentioned that despite it not being a regular school day there still was that “welcoming” feeling. Leenah also mentioned that “if you want to do art, this is the school to go to; here you are free.” Lastly Regina, a mother of an upcoming freshman described the atmosphere to be diverse. Not only with the population around us, but with the career options. Here you do not have to be just a fine artist, there are so many different majors to choose from.”
The Experience:
            Why draw from life? What makes this process so much more gratifying then from imagination? Why would one haul themselves out of bed on a Saturday morning for a Draw- A-Thon?
            The answer is simple. The experience. Unlike drawing from your computer or from your imagination, observational sketches are more beneficial. Not only are you able to experience the true three dimensional figure of the model, but you are motivated by the people around you. Raven, a 2014 graduate of Art and Design relays that “this experience inspires you to work harder. Drawing from life is very liberating. What I learnt at Art and Design carries through to events like this.” Paul David Elsen, also a graduate of this school(1982) feels that “drawing from real life is the most important thing for an artist interested in fine arts can do in order to train.” Paul also advises that “draw and paint as much as you can, listen to the teachers here, and most of all, stay dedicated.”
            I am most certainly sure that I along with all other attenders look forward to the next Draw-A-Thon event.

Sophomore Ita Flores shares her article:

The third annual Art and Design Draw-A-Thon, was held on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The Draw-A-Thon had several models ranging from cosplayers and gesture models to models who posed for nine hours. The event drew attention from artists of all ages and even some non-artists as well. Several incoming students expressed their excitement at the event, saying “I really like it here. I really like that there’s a lot of different options for drawing, there’s nude models and clothed models too, you can do long poses or short poses.” “We feel very, very, very, very, very excited. We came here last year. It helped a lot with [bodily] proportions”  said a group of enthusiastic eighth graders. Our future Art and Design alumni also said, “It’s a very professional and inspirational environment.” One of the parents and art enthusiasts at the event enjoyed seeing the progression of “artists drawing the models; it’s so interesting the detail and the time and the concentration that artists are spending to make a masterpiece [...] it’s exciting to watch the progression from a blank sheet of paper into this beautiful piece of art.” Some of the models were also excited about the Draw-A-Thon: “I think it’s really cool, I was actually an art student myself, [...] it’s neat to be able to support something like this.” Experienced artists were enthusiastic about seeing younger artists being so passionate about art, “It’s an effective experience for younger artists, especially if they learn from the older ones who know what they’re doing. Draw from life every chance you get.” The Art and Design Draw-A-Thon is a great experience all!. Students, professionals, parents and teachers are encouraged to come and create some art. Food and refreshments were sold and a raffle was held later on in Draw-A-Thon. A great time was had by all!

Our internship program is making amazing connections! 
Art & Design 11th grade Fashion major Anna Osei Owusu interns at Building Beats, features artist Aaron Iazansky's artwork on an all over print, and assists with runway show 

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 8.26.15 AM.png

Congratulations to Art & Design student Daniel Blanc!  He is currently a semi-finalist in The New York Times College Scholarship Porgram 2015

Congratulations to our students who are having their work published in the Celebrating Art Contest!

Students: Christine Abraham (12th grade), Lillian Tirado (12th grade), Kathy Flores (12th grade), Brenda Barrera (10th grade), Ruth Flores (12th grade), Marques Oden (12th grade), Diana Herreros (12th grade), Armando Fuentes (12th grade). For more information:

Art & Design's Second Annual Draw-a-Thon Is A Success!

Senior Graphic Design Students Celebrate Mad Men Era Artist Mac Conner's 101st Birthday at the Museum of the City of New York

Click HERE to watch the video and read the article on ABC7 online

Art & Design Fashion Majors meet Michele Obama at the White House

The following description is excerpted from the Spotlight Career & Technical Education Newsletter, "CTE High Schools in the News":

"High school and university students from across the country were provided an opportunity to network with prominent figures of the Fashion Industry to strengthen their skill sets, open their minds to new concepts and understandings, show young artisans interested in fashion what it takes to succeed in the industry, and the importance of remaining committed to their education. 'Students at the workshop learned about everything from construction of a garment and fashion journalism to wearable technology'."  

Art & Design Students Attend New York Comic Con!

Our students shine at Exploring the Arts gala for the stars on September 29, 2014

The students who represented Art & Design at the event were Victor Bustamante, Jose Soto, Trisha Khanum and Emely Yauri.

Art & Design Alumni Tony Bennett Draws with Students at Our Annual Spring Arts Festival

Art & Design Wins Blue Ribbon Editor's Choice Award at The Maker Faire
in Flushing Meadow Park, September 20-21, 2014

Ahsan Fakhrul - Technology Coordinator, Michael Klein - 3D Animation Teacher, Janice Edelman-Lee - Illustration & Technology Teacher, Helen Vachicouras - Architecture Teacher

On the site of the 1964 NY World's Fair, Art & Design students demonstrated their love of art and technology with their exhibit "The Science of Art / The Art of Science". The booth paid homage to the original 50-year old exhibit of the Sinclair Dinosaur, the Sinclair Oil mascot for the promotion of fossil fuel. With original memorabilia, such as brochures, tickets, and the first actual 3D printed dinosaurs, A&D students  expanded on the concept with a multidisciplinary approach to the art of the 3D dinosaur. Utilizing our own 3D printer, A&D blew the crowds away with realtime new dinosaur prints inhabiting their own model architectural habitat and inspired digital illustrations.

Special thanks to Shajib Ahsan of Stuyvesant HS, Fahim Mahmud of Bronx Science, Patrick St. Elien, Justin Ting, Elizabeth Rosario, Mirka Arevalo, Lallbachan (Rishi) Simbudyal, Nikola Susic, Katherinne Escandon, Julia Cervasio and Nimer Mercado.